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Practice Clinic for Digital and Integrative Dentistry

„Excellence in the Art of Dentistry”

Academic Teaching and Research Institution of Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Our certifications:
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Welcome to HL Dentclinic

Excellence in the art of dental care
Perfection in the art of dentistry

Our opening hours:

Our office hours:
Mon-Thu: 8.30 am - 6.00 pm
Friday: 8.30 am - 2.00 pm

Our dental practice is open to patients of all health insurance companies.

Our treatments

We are here to help you. Our team of experts use the latest technology to keep your teeth healthy and shiny. Make an appointment now and experience how pleasant visits to the dentist can be.

Our Treatments

Digital and holistic diagnostics

Digital functional analysis and treatment

Minimally invasive prophylaxis and periodontitis treatment

Smile Design

Invisalign (tooth correction)

Minimally invasive tooth preparations, veneers for perfect aesthetics

Aesthetic work with digital fabrication in our dental aesthetics laboratory

Root canal treatments under the microscope

Over 30 years of experience in implantology and oral surgery

Virtual implant planning and navigated implantology

Immediate implantation and immediate restoration (fixed teeth on the same day)

All treatments possible under general anaesthetic

Digital Dentistry

Certified digital clinic

Digital dentistry deals with the digitalisation of dental and dental technology work steps. The aim of digital dentistry is to work completely digitally from the start of treatment to the end.

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Ensures consistent results with every procedure.

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Fewer meetings

Reduces the number of visits to the dentist.

Minimally invasive

Interventions are performed with as minimal disruption as possible.


High precision in diagnoses and treatments.


Improved planning options thanks to precise diagnostics.


Increased safety standards to protect patients.


Focus on achieving optimal esthetic results.


Long-term success and satisfaction with the treatment results.


Restoring and maintaining the full functionality of the teeth.

Die Zahnärztin Dr. Henriette Lerner in einer Behandlung

Integrative Dentistry

We have established a concept for you that is based on the latest findings in holistic diagnostics and therapy.biological, holistic dentistry considers the human being as a whole. It deals with the effects of oral health on the entire organism. Diagnostics and therapy combine the best from the world of conventional (dental) medical and complementary (dental) medical treatment.

The future of dentistry is today. Modern dentistry is holistic, digital and sustainable.

When it comes to implants, the focus and emphasis is on ceramic implants.