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“Excellence in the Art of Dentistry" expresses the way we practice our profession: as a symbiosis of esthetics and science, art and technology.

We start from an inspirational visualization of the result, then we apply the technical means to
implement the procedure. In order to consistently achieve the optimal possible results,
contemporary dentistry employs high-end technologies and processes.

Our treatment principles:

• Perfect esthetics and functionality with immediate results
• Predictability and long-term stability
• Gentle, short and effective treatments based on the newest technologies
• Highest satisfaction while aspiring to the smile of your dreams
• We are happy to serve patients belonging to all health insurance companies.

Treatment spectrum:

• Implantology
• Digital planning
• Oral surgery
• Bone grafting
• Periodontics
• Endodontics
• Aesthetic dentistry
• Prophylaxis
• Dental aesthetics laboratory

All treatments possible under general anesthesia.

Dr. medic Henriette Lerner an the HL-Dentclinic team


Welcome to Baden-Baden.

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