The professional system for whiter teeth. fläsh is the latest development of the WHITEsmile company that has over 20 years of experience in tooth whitening and can truthfully boast "Made in Germany". fläsh offers all types of professional tooth whitening options. fläsh products are only available from specialized dentists.

The first impression counts: a confident and winning smile with brilliantly white teeth. Your dentist can fulfill this wish – with the fläsh system.



Individual prophylaxis and professional tooth cleaning at intervals of 4-6 months (depending on each patient’s needs) are prerequisites for maintaining oral health.

The majority of our periodontal therapy consists of conservative periodontitis therapy, which differs from surgical periodontal treatment in which the gums are folded down to remove the plaque from the tooth.

The prerequisite for periodontal treatment is pre-treatment by our dental hygienist.

After this initial professional tooth cleaning in which plaque, tartar and discolorations above the gum pockets are removed and extensive oral hygiene training is carried out, a second phase of periodontal treatment (scaling) and photodynamic therapy (HELBO) is carried out.

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Dr. medic Henriette Lerner and the HL-Dentclinic team work to remove plaque both above the gums and below the gums, although we only work under the gums from a pocket depth of more than 4 mm. Decontamination is currently the most effective method for prevention as well as therapy and prevention of gingival diseases and periodontitis.